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Reef in Brief – Issue #2

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Reef in Brief – Issue #2
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What's happening at the Powershop Nursery?

The growth at the Powershop Coral Nursery is going swimmingly (pardon the pun) in fact, it’s going so well that multiple corals are ready to be out-planted to the Great Barrier Reef after only four months. Grow you good things!

The team at the Reef Restoration Foundation have told us that this is an incredible feat given how recently the nursery was established and that it usually takes between six to nine months for corals to grow.

Fingers crossed our next Reef In Brief will have a great update of our full grown corals living their best life back on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our nursery and the surrounding shallows have been frequented by wildlife in the recent weeks, including Orbiculate Batfish, Black-Tip Reef Sharks and Yellow-tail Blue Damselfish who have gotten more curious and confident as the corals have grown.

What's happening out on the Great Barrier Reef?

The Reef Restoration Foundation team have been experiencing fairly consistent warm weather with an average daytime temperature of 33°c and some scattered showers and thunderstorms around Christmas. So far it is still quite dry for this time of year but the team is hoping the rain will kick in soon to prevent water surface temperatures from rising too far above the current 28°c reading.

The new year has also welcomed a litter of eight (harmless) Blacktip Reef Shark pups keeping the team company in the shallows between dives; a wonderful sign that their mother decided the area surrounding the Powershop Coral Nursery in Welcome Bay was a safe new home to raise her pups. Ah nature, don’t you love it.

How does this process work?

Great Q, you can check out this handy animation to get the low down on coral propagation.

Remember you can purchase the Your Community Energy Powerpack at any time in your shop to further support the amazing work that the Reef Restoration Foundation are doing at the Powershop Coral Nursery.

For more information head to the Your Community Energy page.

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