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Powershop’s Your Community Energy (YCE) program is growing up and going international!

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Powershop’s Your Community Energy (YCE) program is growing up and going international!
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You’ve got to admit, we’re very fortunate to live in a country with such amazing renewable energy resources, and it’s part of our responsibility as Australia’s Greenest Power Company (Greenpeace 2014 & 2015) to help communities start their renewable energy journey. That’s where Your Community Energy (YCE) comes in.

Powershop’s YCE program has so far helped 14 Australian community groups invest in renewable energy technologies, reducing their environmental footprint, reducing their energy bills and enabling them to reinvest those savings back into the community.

This idea has worked way better than we could have ever expected and together our customers have raised over $420,000! This is massive, so a big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of YCE so far.

What started as an idea for Australian communities (we were initially aiming for $10,000) has proved so popular we’re super excited to announce we’re expanding the scope to support small-scale renewable energy projects in developing nations to encourage the implementation of renewable energy technologies across the world.

We’ll hopefully choose one international project each year to support based on how urgent their need is and the kind of support they’re looking for. As always, our customers will be key to helping this project work and we welcome any feedback you have. We’re always on the look out for projects too .

The other exciting news is we’re also changing the maximum value of the grants, from $10,000 to $20,000, to help support the development of even bigger and better community renewable projects. We’re particularly interested in hearing about any micro-hydro and micro-wind projects that are shaking up the energy mix in Australia and across the globe.

One of our YCE projects: Castlemaine Childcare Centre

With our abundant resources, Australia has been a great proving ground for the Your Community Energy project, and we’re really excited to see how we can help change the way energy is produced in our global communities.

If you’re not familiar with the Your Community Energy product in our shop – it’s a Powerpack with a 6.6c/kWh (incl. GST) premium included. When our customers purchase this product, we pool the premium amounts (excl. GST) and use the funds to support community-led renewable energy products.

Ready to join a community focused power company? Look no further.

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