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Powershop and Native Forests

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Powershop and Native Forests
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Native forests are beautiful. They filter the air we breathe, are a part of our heritage, provide a home to unique species of plants and animals and most significantly, are a very important measure to battle climate change.

A 2008 study of 14.5 million hectares of native eucalypt forests across Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales indicated that the forests collectively had the capacity to carry 33 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent in their natural state. [1] Since then, massive clearing of such areas has made the need for forest restoration necessary. Not doing anything would mean more CO2 gets released into the atmosphere and ultimately leads to a warmer climate.

We at Powershop are passionate about the environment and support the protection of native forests from logging. We don’t support electricity that’s sourced from native wood, wood waste or from crops on land cleared of native forests.

To do our bit, we’ve purchased Forests Alive’s Verified Emission Reduction Credits. [2] These credits, in addition to our extensive portfolio of carbon reduction credits ensure that all the carbon emissions from electricity used by Powershop customers are completely offset at no extra cost to them.

To read more about Powershop and renewable energy click here.

[1] Mackey BG, Keith H, Berry S, et al. Green Carbon: The Role of Natural Forests in Carbon Storage. Canberra, Australia: The Australian National University; 2008.

[2] Verified by SCS Global Services.

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One comment on "Powershop and Native Forests"
  1. Stephen, January 20, 2020:

    So I understand from your previous answers that Meridian pays for carbon credits to be 100% neutral and this is not passed on to us as customers. Is this correct? Notwithstanding I moved from AGL last year and happy with service and competitive price far less than AGL> So I am so far very happy I changed. PS I don’t believe in carbon credit system, but if you want to keep paying it and not forwarding it to us your customers, keep up the good service, I am happy.

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