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Australia’s greenest retailer just got a whole lot greener

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Australia’s greenest retailer just got a whole lot greener
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In August 2014 Powershop was named the greenest retailer in Australia. This was because of our commitment to renewable energy in Australia and our support for the Renewable Energy Target.

We believe that a commitment to renewable energy is demonstrated by deeds not words, and we know that our customers are looking to make their support for renewable energy real.

Following the repeal of the Carbon Tax, we know that customers are asking “what can I do to help reduce global emissions?” From 1 September, the answer is “join Powershop.” This is because Powershop has decided to become Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral energy retailer, and will be accredited as such.

Powershop still believes that the best things you can do to reduce Australia’s emissions are to support the continuation of the Renewable Energy Target, purchase 100% GreenPower electricity, and reduce your own electricity consumption.

However, this step will help reduce the impact of your electricity consumption on global emissions. Even though our generation is 100% renewable, and we generate more than our customers purchase, the truth is that in the Australian energy market the power delivered to your property can come from a number of different sources, including non-renewables.

To ensure that Powershop customers’ are not contributing to global emissions merely as a consequence of the market’s design and the fact that the market is still predominantly supplied by high emissions intensity generation, we will purchase and surrender recognised carbon certificates to wholly offset our electricity sales. Not only will we offset our sales, we will wholly offset any emissions from the operation of our business. In that way you can be sure that we will be 100% carbon neutral.

If you want to know more about this move, and what it means for Powershop customers, check out this more detailed post.

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