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Get to know why we were awarded Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022

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Get to know why we were awarded Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022
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With so many energy providers to choose from, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

But the cluey researchers at Canstar Blue have taken the time to score levels of trust amongst energy consumers and wouldn’t you know it – Powershop has proudly taken out the title for this award.

There are six key behaviours that Canstar Blue defines as trustworthy in the energy industry and we’re here to talk to how the team at Powershop build and solidify trust within these categories to make you feel at ease with us as your energy retailer.

1. Won’t rip you off with high prices

We take energy affordability seriously. We offer competitive rates and layer this with access to technology (including our app and unique Shop experience) and products (like battery offers and Virtual Power Plants) to ensure better control and understanding of usage as well as empowerment.

2. Won’t put you through sneaky price hikes

We’ve always believed in being transparent with our customers around any price changes (whether it’s up or down). Through our app and online portal, customers can check what rates they’re on easily and quickly at any given time. Our team is always at the ready during any price change experience to talk through the changes and make sure our customers understand and feel confident about the changes specific to their account.

We don’t believe in hidden fees, so you won’t find any sneaky nasties like exit fees or credit card fees.

3. Doesn’t make its plans unnecessarily complicated

The Powershop model offers one unique Shop experience. The Shop provides access to extra rewards and savings. Our Powershop 100% Carbon Neutral Offer is our flagship offer with simple great rates – no trawling through 6 offers for the one address here.

4. Will deliver good customer service when you need it

We have award winning customer service and we’re really proud of it. In fact, we also took out Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers in Victoria for the third (yes! Third) year running. Whether its on the phone, over email, or through an online chat or DM on socials – our team is at the ready to help.

5. Takes its environmental responsibilities seriously

We all have a role to play in the decarbonisation of our energy system and this is something that matters to us greatly. We’re proud to have ranked in the top 10 for the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide 2022 and we’ve also been recognised as Australia’s Green Energy Retailer of the Year by Finder in 2020 and 2021. We believe that technology and innovation will have a big influence on this transition, and we’re keen to dive deeper in this space.

6. Will generally do the right thing by its customers

Doing the right thing for our customers is two-fold. We empower our customers to take control of their energy usage with technology, innovative programs and insight, and we also advocate for them by supporting positive policy change and sharing industry knowledge. Our commitment to our customers is key to everything that we do and something that is in our DNA.

How were we measured?

Canstar Blue surveyed 12,010 Australian consumers who currently have an electricity account and pay the bills.

Canstar Blue asked consumers to rate their level of trust with their energy retailer on a scale from 0-10. They also asked how consumers would rate their level of trust with energy providers that aren’t their own and the energy sector more broadly.

If you were one of 12,010 consumers who took part in this market research with Canstar Blue, thank you!

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5 comments on "Get to know why we were awarded Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022"
  1. Evan (Brad) Harris., March 25, 2022:

    I want to renovate my 20 panels, add a large battery, preferably set up 3 phase, and a fast charge point for car and equipment. We need to add two a/c heat pumps and HWS. The system needs to match the purpose, but we live at Robinvale so the installers don’t show much interest.

    • Powershop, April 8, 2022:

      Hi Evan, head to our solar page to learn more about our solar offerings including both solar panel and battery installation. You can also fill out the solar quote form to receive a comprehensive solar quote from one of our hand-picked installers.

  2. Cheryl hiscoke, March 25, 2022:

    I would to say I am very pleased to be with power shop I have saved heaps

    • Powershop, April 8, 2022:

      That’s great to hear Cheryl! We hope you continue to have a good experience with us 🙂

  3. Alice Macmahon, April 8, 2022:

    I put my trust in the Powershop and they always came back 💯 per cent thankyou to everyone concerned 😟.

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