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Energy saving resolutions

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Energy saving resolutions
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As we crawl back into the office, it’s finally time to think about some New Year resolutions. We can’t help with diets, but if cleaning up your power bills was one of your resolutions; here are our tips to make 2016 a better year for your power.

Start tracking usage: Aligned with your smart meter, our smart-phone app allows you to track electricity usage on a half-hourly basis. This way you can monitor times of day when your power usage spikes and make smart changes to how you use electricity. Even without a smart meter, you can enter meter reads to help you get a better idea of your electricity consumption.

Buy Specials: Buying the Online Saver every month ensures you get the highest discount available to save even more. But you can also jump onto specials that are a small number of units (typically a day’s worth of usage) available for a limited time at a higher discount. Turn on push notifications for the Powershop App on your smart-phone and follow us on Facebook to ensure you see these specials.

Bid farewell to old appliances: World’s best excuse to go shopping: old appliances often end up costing heaps more than new energy efficient ones. If you own a Plasma TV, replacing it with an LED TV can make your television watching experience dramatically cheaper.

Use your air-con wisely: In summer you’ll inevitably be using that air-con more than you expected. If you remember that every degree of cooling below 23°C will add 10% to operational costs, you’ll probably be less likely to set it to 16°C and huddle under a blanket.

Get green: If greening up your act was one of your resolutions, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offset 100% of the carbon associated with the energy provided to your home or business (at no extra cost to you), but you may also want to try buying GreenPower.

Buying GreenPower means you can directly support investment in renewable energy in Australia, and with us you can buy as much or as little GreenPower as you like. Check out our website for how to set GreenPower as a default, or play around in the shop and buy a little to get you started.

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