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Earth Hour Results

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Earth Hour Results
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Hey Earth Hourians (not a word, but we’re vibing it).

We had a peek through customer usage data during Earth Hour across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and by golly we loved what we saw!

Here are the juicy details from your time powering down collectively during Earth Hour. You made a big difference in the call for action against climate change!

How you went

Powershop customers reduced their collective usage by a massive 12.7MWh during Earth Hour compared to what they usually use on a Saturday night. This is equivalent to:

  • turning off the power in Collingwood and North Melbourne for the whole day and still having some bonus power to spare OR
  • taking 2,017 cars off the road for the day in carbon emissions reduction!

Check out the graph below to see how Powershop customers performed in each state during Earth Hour – bravo Powershoppers!

Graph showing electricity reduction for Victorian customers

Graph showing electricity reduction for New South Wales customers

Graph showing electricity reduction for Queensland customers

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