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Cheaper Electricity under the Renewable Energy Target

by Powershop on

Cheaper Electricity under the Renewable Energy Target
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Enduring benefits of the RET to consumers, the economy and the environment

Here at Powershop we’ve been working round the clock putting together a detailed submission to the Expert Panel for the Review of the Renewable Energy Target.  We think it’s important to explain the benefits of the RET and the need to keep it unchanged.  These include:

  • Lower wholesale energy prices and lower household electricity bills.
  • Innovation and competition, delivering further savings for consumers.
  • Reduced emissions with no cost to the Federal Budget.
  • Avoiding increased energy prices.
  • Protecting future infrastructure investment in Australia.

You can read Powershop’s submission here, which contains answers to a host of important questions about the RET and its impacts on customers.  It also answers some more obscure questions, like “What do Massive Wieners have to do with the Renewable Energy Target?”

Watch our explanation on the Renewable Energy Target below:

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