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Powershop Virtual Power Plant

Join Powershop’s community of connected batteries, support the environment and be rewarded.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of connected batteries that can be dispatched to support community energy demand in a smart, efficient and cleaner way. 

This solar energy can help stabilise the electricity grid and respond to the energy market. But most importantly, it helps create a greener energy future that you (yes you!) can be part of.

What do I get for joining?

If you already have an eligible solar and battery system, signing up to our VPP will give you a monthly VPP reward.  Dependent on your battery size, your VPP reward could be up to $40 each month.  These rewards are applied against your electricity bill.  You’ll also score access to our brand-new bespoke Powershop Virtual Power Plant app giving you insights into your battery like never before.

See what monthly VPP reward you could score for your battery size:

  • Less than 10kWh – $10

  • Between 10-15kWh – $25

  • More than 15kWh – $40

solar panels and home battery

Am I eligible?

You can join the Powershop VPP if you: 

  • Are a Powershop customer;

  • Not registered for GST; 

  • Have  an eligible solar and battery system installed;

  • Have a smart meter (preferably on a time-of-use tariff) or agree to have a smart meter installed;

  • Are not participating in another VPP program; 

  • Have no occupants residing at your premises reliant on life support equipment; and 

  • Have a continuous and stable broadband internet connection.

View the full Terms and Conditions for our Powershop Virtual Power Plant.  

Sign up to Powershop's Virtual Power Plant

If you’re a Powershop customer with an eligible solar and battery system, you can sign up to our Virtual Power Plant by filling in this form.

How our VPP works

It’s possible to optimise your battery system, be rewarded and help Mother Earth all with the one program.

  1. 1

    You sign up to our VPP

    When you sign up to our VPP, you’ll make the electricity in your battery system available to us. By allowing us to monitor, control and manage your battery system we can connect it to our network of batteries that can be dispatched to support community energy demand and you get rewarded for it. As part of the Powershop VPP we’ll monitor, control and manage your battery system.

  2. 2

    We optimise your battery

    We will optimise and use your battery by charging and discharging it at times to support the energy market and community energy demand. When you sign up to our VPP we’ll always leave you a reserve in your battery for your household use to give you peace of mind. Your home reserve for the Powershop VPP is currently set at 20% of battery storage capacity. This reserve amount may change in the future and you’ll be notified in advance, usually by email.

  3. 3

    You enjoy the perks

    In return, you’ll receive a VPP reward up to $40 applied to your electricity account each month, depending on the size of your battery. And you’ll have access to the brand new Powershop Virtual Power Plant app giving you detailed insights like never before on your battery performance.

  4. 4

    Get insights from the Powershop Virtual Power Plant App

    Our VPP software displayed through the app will predict your household consumption and determine when to charge and store power. It also predicts your future solar generation by sussing out local weather patterns. Pretty clever hey!

If you've got questions, we have answers

We’ve got all the info on the Powershop Virtual Power Plant below.