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Better Bills - Electricity

We’ve given our electricity bill a makeover: with a fresher look, useful info, and some nifty visuals to help you understand your power usage at a glance. This change is part of a regulatory change to standardise energy bills across Australia.

Electricity Bill Page 1 Powershop Australia

Electricity Bill: Page 1

Need help?

If you’ve got power problems you need them sorted ASAP – your bill now has all the numbers you need right up front, on the top-right of the page.

The essentials

The bill still highlights the most important info – how much is due, and when it needs to be paid. The dates on the left make it clear exactly what period your bill covers.

Are you getting our best generally available offer?

Every other bill includes a section that lets you know if you’re on our best generally available offer (that doesn’t require a paid membership or affiliation).

Pay your way

This section on the bill lets you know about your payment options.

Electricity Bill: Page 2 Powershop AU

Electricity Bill: Page 2

Your plan

The bill now calls out exactly which energy plan you’re on, in a natty little pink box.

Estimated or actual?

The grey box at the top of this page lets you know if the bill is based on an actual or estimated meter read. If it’s based on an estimate, we let you know how to get your bill adjusted to reflect an actual meter read.

Supply and usage

This section of the bill sets your daily supply and usage charges. If you’re unsure on the technical terms, check out our jargon buster guide.

Credits and deductions

This section calls out if there’s credit already sitting in your account, or if you’re eligible for things like solar or government rebates.

Need a hand?

From financial assistance or interpreter services, we give you a bunch of contact details to help get things sorted.

Electricity Bill: Page 3 Powershop

Electricity Bill: Page 3

Your meter readings: Get a full breakdown of your meter readings for the month.

Meter identifier: Your unique meter serial number.

Read date: The date your meter was read or estimated.

Read type: Whether the meter was actually read, or just estimated based on previous usage patterns.

Period: The time period over which the power was used.

Rate description: The kind of rates that applied.

Usage kWh: How much power was used.

Previous: The readout number on your previous meter reading.

Current: The readout number on the most recent meter reading.

Useful usage information: The bill includes useful graphs and stats, to give you more information on your power usage.

Electricity-Bill page 4 Powershop

Electricity Bill: Page 4


This section sets out all the transactions made over the previous month, all there in black and white (and a little bit of pink).


Here you’ll find all the info on any Powerpacks and top ups you purchased during the month – including some neat reminders of any savings you made.

(If you’re wondering how our Powerpacks work, check out our handy help page here.)

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