About Powershop

Powershop is a part of Shell Energy Australia – we sell energy to business and homes in VIC, NSW, South East QLD and SA.

We are proud to champion


Award-winning customer service

Winners of Canstar Blue’s Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022 award and Most Satisfied Customers in Victoria 2019-2021 award.

The Powershop team is here whether you need help understanding how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you, a price comparison, support when facing hardship or to simply update your information.


Market-leading technology and drive for innovation

We were one of the first energy retailers in Australia to give customers an app that helps them track their energy usage.

With programs from Demand Response to Electric Vehicle tariffs. The innovation doesn’t stop there, with so much more on the horizon.


Australia’s renewable energy transition

Helping you to use less of what we sell you is a brilliant first step towards helping you reduce your impact on the planet and we’re currently carbon offsetting our customers’ energy usage.

But carbon offsetting is not the end game. Shell Energy is committed to a growing portfolio of renewable assets, agreements, and innovations.

We’re supporting some big goals

Net-zero emissions target

Alongside Shell Energy and our community we’re supporting the transition to net-zero emissions.

Powering progress

Powering lives and livelihoods through products and activities, and by supporting an inclusive society.

Renewable energy future

Shell Energy is committed to a growing portfolio of renewable assets, agreements, and innovations.

Our greatest hits

We have achieved a lot since we launched in 2014 and we are just getting started. Take a look at some of our faves below and get excited for the future:


2012: Powershop launched in Australia

Powershop was built on transparency, with our market-leading app we were one of the first energy retailers to give Australians near real-time energy data and insights to help track their energy usage and bring down their bills.


2014: We went 100% carbon neutral

Because we can’t control which electrons are actually delivered to your home or business, we made the decision to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with our customer’s energy usage. The energy our customers use is certified carbon neutral under the government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.


2017: Curb Your Power program in partnership with ARENA

Curb Your Power is Powershop’s demand response program. Victorian Powershop customers with a smart meter can help reduce demand on the grid by curbing their power usage at certain peak demand times and earn rewards.


2019: Our customers helped us support restoration on the Great Barrier Reef

Your Community Energy is a program we established back in 2016 allowing customers to contribute a little extra when paying for power to support projects with positive environmental impacts. From 2019-2020, this program provided a $132,647 grant to the Reef Restoration Foundation to build the Powershop Coral Nursery off Fitzroy Island and thanks to our customers support, a second nursery off Moore Reef came not long after, doubling our positive impact.


2022: Canstar Most Satisfied Customers and Most Trusted Energy provider

We scored the Canstar Most Satisfied Customers VIC award three years running 2019 – 2021, and Most Trusted Energy retailer for 2020 and 2022.


2022 and beyond

On the roadmap we have expanded VPPs, e-mobility offerings, continued app improvements, batteries and solar galore, a commitment to energy fairness and access to energy usage insights. Being a part of Shell Energy Australia means we now have the resources and investment to do more and do it bigger, with new projects, technologies, and energy solutions to help our customers in more ways. The future is bright.

Our recent awards. Take a look - we're not shy!

Winners of Canstar Blue’s Most Trusted Energy Provider 2022, Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers in Victoria 2019-2021, Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards 2019-2021.

Some of our favourite awards from our trophy cabinet:

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