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Green out with us and wrap your head around the who, what, where and why of GreenPower, the national government initiative to boost renewable energy.

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GreenPower is a national scheme to encourage greater investment in renewable energy.

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No. When you switch you are automatically put on to the standard offer, which is 100% carbon offset. However, should you wish to further support renewable energy projects in Australia, you can choose to purchase GreenPower. GreenPower purchases send a signal to the market that demonstrates demand for renewable energy.

If I switch to Powershop, am I automatically purchasing 100% GreenPower? - Read more

GreenPower does not have a set cost. Instead, the cost varies based on market pricing and the recommended retail rates from GreenPower. Retailers may, on occasion, charge varying rates for GreenPower for a number of reasons. We believe our GreenPower prices are always competitive.

How are Powershop’s GreenPower tariffs determined? - Read more

GreenPower is a voluntary scheme that allows businesses and individuals to increase demand for renewable energy in Australia. The extra cost is to retire the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that would otherwise be sold onto the market in order for retailers to meet their obligations in relation to the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

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Powershop is the only Australian retailer that lets you purchase as much or as little GreenPower as you like. You’re in control and can choose to purchase more or less GreenPower whenever you wish.

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Our GreenPower premium is 3.74c/kWh inc. GST – we review this a couple of times a year to make sure it’s properly reflecting the current market price for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

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