Your Community Energy

Helping to restore the Great Barrier Reef

Use your power for good. Your Community Energy, a way to pay for power and support environmental initiatives at the same time - now that’s a purchase to be proud of. Find the Powerpack in your shop today!

How Your Community Energy works

Your Community Energy is a Powerpack available for purchase for customers who have access to the Powershop shop.

Your Community Energy is a Powerpack in our shop that has a 6.6c/kWh premium included.

We pool all of the premium amounts. We then find Australian groups, charities and philanthropic businesses making a positive impact in our community and the environment.

We distribute this money to the groups to continue their work or to help them start their endeavours. Like the Reef Restoration Foundation!

Taking a task like paying for electricity and turning it into a positive environmental impact is all thanks the collective good of our Your Community Energy customers!

Since we launched Your Community Energy we have –

15377 562025

Contributing customers

Money raised


Our customers have provided grants for 33 projects across Australia.


Leading to 900 tons of carbon emission equivalent reductions.


That’s the equivalent of preventing
405 tons of coal from burning.


OR growing 13,500 tree seedlings
for 10 years.

Your Community Energy FAQs

This will only happen if you choose to purchase the Your Community Energy Powerpack - we want you to be in control of your purchasing decisions so we won't automatically be making contributions unless you choose to be involved. The grant to the Reef Restoration Foundation is from contributions of customers who chose to purchase this specific Powerpack that supports environmental initiatives.
Absolutely. Your Community Energy supports initiatives that a have a positive impact on the environment, this includes the physical environment and the social environment. We want to make sure we spread this positive impact as much as possible and the grant recipients will continue to change to share this support.
The money that we give to our Your Community Energy grant recipients is not our money, it has been provided by our customers voluntarily when they choose to purchase the Your Community Energy Powerpack. The premiums attached to this Powerpack are then distributed as grants and come entirely from our Your Community Energy customers.
This project will continue until our baby corals in the Powershop Coral Nursery are planted back on the Great Barrier Reef. This will happen by June 2020.

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Watch this space for Powershop Coral Nursery updates - coming soon.

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