Your Community Energy

Your Community Energy (YCE) is a program we established back in 2016 – allowing customers to contribute a little extra when paying for power to support projects with positive environmental impacts.

How Your Community Energy works

Your Community Energy is a Powerpack available for purchase for customers who have access to the Powershop Shop.

Your Community Energy is a Powerpack in our Shop that has a 6.6c/kWh premium included.

We pool all of the premium amounts. We then find Australian groups, charities and philanthropic businesses making a positive impact in our community and the environment.

We distribute this money to the groups to continue their work or to help them start their endeavours. Like the Reef Restoration Foundation!

Past project highlights

Back in October 2019, we provided a $60,000 grant to the Reef Restoration Foundation to build the Powershop Coral Nursery off Fitzroy Island in Cairns.

We’re excited to announce that our coral babies are all grown up and almost 500 new corals have found homes on the Great Barrier Reef! This is all thanks to customers who support Your Community Energy (YCE).

It's because of this ongoing support, that we've been able to provide the Reef Restoration Foundation with an additional $72,647 grant.

This funding will support the ongoing operations at the existing Powershop coral nursery just off Fitzroy Island and will build an additional ten tree coral nursery on Moore Reef.

What’s next for YCE?

Illustration of community scene with hill sin background, city in foreground. It represents Your Community Energy - a community energy initiative by Powershop Australia

So much has happened to our community in 2020, with far reaching impacts. YCE aims to support projects with a positive environmental impact, and this includes the physical, social, and emotional environments we’re surrounded by.

We’re taking some time to find the right project to support next – something that our customers can be proud of and something that can support our community through these recent challenges.

Taking a task like paying for electricity and turning it into a positive environmental impact is all thanks to the collective good of our Your Community Energy customers!

Your Community Energy stats

15377 634672

Contributing customers

Money raised


Our customers have provided grants for 33 projects across Australia.


Leading to 900 tons of carbon emission equivalent reductions.


That’s the equivalent of preventing
405 tons of coal from burning.


OR growing 13,500 tree seedlings
for 10 years.

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