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The new Powershop experience

Simple, great value, 100% carbon neutral energy

Whether you’re an old hand at shopping in the Powershop Shop, or it’s completely new to you, the info on this page is for you.

You can access the Powershop Shop either by logging in via our website or the mobile app.

The one-and-only Shop is unique to Powershop. It’s a place where we get to reward you for being a loyal customer and you get flexibility and choice about how and when you pay for your energy.

The Shop has a fresh new look and feel this year

In the new Shop you’ll find a bunch of ways to pay, score savings, support environmental and community initiatives, and get rewarded.

Access the shop through the Powershop mobile app
Or log in to the desktop app through our website

We’ll send you a push notification when the new Powershop experience is available to you, so make sure you have the app downloaded and notifications turned on.

Download the App:

The fresh new Powershop Shop

First up, if you don’t want to log in or shop, you don’t have to. Your competitive rates are simply applied when you get your bill.

But read on to learn how to take advantage of some of the things the Powershop Shop has to offer.


Here’s where the good stuff happens. Specials will pop up in your account randomly from time to time and be available for a limited time. These could include:

  • the chance to enter competitions;
  • extra savings on some of your usage;
  • the opportunity to support environmental and community initiatives; and
  • any other way we think to reward you for being an amazing customer.
Graphic of the Your Community Energy tile and a Special tile

Download the Powershop app and look out for notifications so you don’t miss out on these Specials when they become available.

Great experience, competitive rates

Top up your account at any time with one of these options.

These are a great way to budget and pay your account as you go, as they allow you to pay in advance as much or as little as you want.

There’s also the option to pay a small premium to cover your usage with accredited GreenPower.

Graphic of the Top up tile and GreenPower tile
Buy now, save later

Future Savings – as the name suggests – are your pick if you want to cover your future energy usage and save.

These options come with a saving that gets bigger the further out you buy them.

Graphic of the March Future Savings pack

The Powershop experience

100% carbon neutral energy for every customer (you don’t have to opt in)
At no additional fee. Plus the option to buy GreenPower.
Great experience, competitive rates
Billed monthly for electricity and every two months for gas.
Mobile app and tracking tools
Helping you take control of your energy usage.
One and only Powershop Shop
Where you can get extra value and be rewarded for being a customer.

Got Q's? We've got A's

We want the experience at Powershop to reflect what our customers want and need. We listen to our customers and we’ve heard the call for simplicity and better value. The changes we made are in response to listening to our customers and adding our own charm to bring you a great experience. However, we’re always a work in progress, so if there are things you’d like to see more of (or less of), or if you have any feedback please contact us.
If you had access to the Shop and you’ve bought Powerpacks before we refreshed the Shop, don’t worry, you won’t lose these savings. The discounts will simply be applied to your current rates.
Nope! There’s no need to log into the Shop to grab discounts before your bill is due, because your competitive rates are simply applied when you get your bill. We’ll be turning off the “Bill Coming” email shortly. This email was typically sent two days before your bill is due to remind you to shop for energy, but since your rates are automatically applied when you get your bill, this email is no longer required.
If you have your gas with us, you’ll see the same changes in your gas account – simple, competitive rates, with the option to grab future savings. No need to log in before your bill is due to lock in a discount.
We want to make sure we’re regularly rewarding you for being a Powershop customer, so we’re aiming to make Specials available at least once a month, but life is never bland, so you just never know how often you’ll see them – keep an eye out.
Nope! We've made these changes in the background so when you open your app you'll get to enjoy the new Shop experience straight away.