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Powershop now a part of Shell Energy Australia – Renewables & Energy Solutions


Hi Powershop customers & friends,

You may have heard the news that from 1 February 2022, Powershop Australia has officially been acquired by Shell Energy Australia and will form a key part of Shell’s Renewables and Energy Solutions business.

While this may seem like a big change, business continues as normal for Powershop customers and our team. The same passionate team is still here looking after our customers and community, and working hard on providing cleaner energy solutions to Australians. It’s important to know there will be no impact to our customers’ energy supply, service or accounts.

What’s not changing:

There’s a whole lot that’s not going anywhere, including:


Our award-winning customer service

Empowering customers to understand and manage their energy usage.

When you give us a ring, or send an email, it will be the same amazing team answering the phone.

The Powershop team will be here whether you need help understanding how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you, a price comparison, support when facing hardship or to simply update your information.

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Our market-leading technology and drive for innovation

Helping our customers bring down their energy bills.

We were one of the first energy retailers in Australia to give customers an app that helps them track their energy usage, and since then we’ve achieved so much, thanks to you, our customers.

So, thank you for being a part of our many programs and trials – from Demand Response (thank you Curbers!) to Peer-to-Peer Solar trading to Electric Vehicle tariffs – and the innovation doesn’t stop there with so much more on the horizon. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with our customers to deliver even more value.

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We remain committed to playing a positive role in Australia’s energy transition

Helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint.

Helping you to use less of what we sell you is a brilliant first step towards helping you reduce your impact on the planet. We offer some energy plans that carbon offset the emissions associated with our customers energy usage  and as well as GreenPower. But carbon offsetting is not the end game.

Through Power Purchase Agreements, Powershop (via Shell Energy) will remain connected to the two wind farms and three hydro power generators that used to be part of the same group as Powershop. This includes the Mt Mercer and Mt Millar wind farms, and Hume, Burrinjuck and Keepit hydro power generators.

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As part of Shell Energy Australia, we’re supporting some big goals:

Net-zero emissions target

We’re supporting the transition to net-zero emissions.

Powering progress

Powering lives and livelihoods through products and activities, and by supporting an inclusive society.

Renewable energy future

Shell Energy is assembling the building blocks for a lower-carbon energy system in Australia by investing in solutions that support decarbonisation.

What is changing:

Rest assured, these changes do not impact Powershop customers and their energy supply, but it will bring new investment to the Powershop business; allowing us to double down on all the good stuff we currently do, and all the even better stuff to come.


Our corporate ownership

Previously, Powershop was owned by Meridian Energy Limited, a company based in New Zealand. Meridian Energy has sold the Powershop Australia business to Shell Energy Australia. Powershop will remain connected to two wind farms and three hydro power generators through Power Purchase Agreements and offtake arrangements.


Opportunities to innovate

Shell is helping to build a low-carbon energy system in Australia through a diversified and integrated portfolio that delivers a broad range of decarbonisation solutions and services to business and residential customers. Powershop will be a big part of this. On the roadmap, we have expanded VPPs, e-mobility offerings, continued app improvements, batteries, solar and more!


Sharing knowledge

The Powershop team has the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and innovators thanks to the work that Shell Energy Australia is already doing with the likes of sonnen batteries and renewable hydrogen. We’re excited to bring innovations, value, and sustainability to our current and future customers. Alongside Shell’s target of being a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, we’re excited to have a bigger impact on Australia’s energy transition.


Yep, you’ll still be a Powershop customer.

Nope. Same team, same account, same experience.

You sure can! Both Powershop and Shell Energy Australia are really excited about the potential the Shop has to empower our customers to manage their energy usage – so watch this space, we’re going to make it even better!

While not all our energy plans are carbon neutral, Powershop (via Shell Energy) will remain connected to the same two wind farms and three hydro power stations. This includes the Mt Mercer and Mt Millar wind farms, and Hume, Burrinjuck and Keepit hydro power generators. Our customers can also purchase GreenPower and track and monitor their energy usage via our app.

No. We’ve worked hard at Powershop to empower customers to support an energy retailer who is committed to doing the right thing by the planet and people, and that doesn’t change. Being a part of Shell Energy Australia means we now have the resources and investment to do more and do it bigger, with new projects, technologies, and energy solutions to help our customers in more ways. The future is bright.

Nothing changes – your power is still delivered from the National Electricity Market, commonly known as “the grid”. Because of the nature of how electricity is provided to homes and businesses across Australia, no one can guarantee the source of where the electricity at your power point has come from. Instead, our customers can flexibly purchase GreenPower month to month, or set up purchase preferences via their account, which supports Australia’s renewable energy sector.

Plus, Powershop (via Shell Energy) will remain connected to the same two wind farms and three hydro power generators through Power Purchase Agreements and offtake arrangements.

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