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Your Powershop moving house checklist

Helping you power on faster and easier at your new property – don’t be left in the dark.

At Powershop we totally get it, moving – although exciting – is a huge effort. So we’ve created a checklist to help you seamlessly pack us up and take us with you to your next property, eliminating one of the hassles of moving.

1. Know when you’re moving? Let us know too

The sooner the better! We can do same day connections for electricity accounts in most cases as long as you call us before 1pm. We’ll need about 3 days’ notice for gas. Get in touch on 1800 462 668 and our awesome team will look after your move over the phone in about 10 minutes. It’s that easy.

2. Turn the main switch at the new property off

In order for us to get the power connected at your new property the main switch needs to be in the off position. If you don’t have access to the property before you move in, give your real estate agent a holla to get this sorted for you.

Hang on a second, that list was a lot shorter than what we thought! Turns out all you need to do is give us a quick call and have your main switch off for connection.

We’ve also got some great moving house tips to get you ready for the big day and you can also check out our Help Centre on all things moving property. Finally, don’t be caught out signing on to a utilities package provided by your real estate. This often includes electricity, gas, phone, internet, water and pay TV, but the rates often mean that you’re paying much, much more - an expense you don’t need right after a big move!

Save time and money by moving house with Powershop – we’re ready for you to pack us up and take us with you.