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Customer Terms & Conditions and Contract

Customer Terms & Conditions and Contract

Set out below is the Market Retail Contract which is the most commonly applicable set of terms and conditions for Powershop customers. If you have agreed to become a Powershop customer, it is likely that this contract and these terms and conditions will apply to you. The link below is to the current version, released November 2016. The previous version can be found here.

Powershop Customer Terms & Conditions – Market Retail Contract – November 2016 (PDF 166kB)

Feed-in Terms & Conditions

Powershop customers who have solar panel installations and who have agreed to Powershop's repurchase arrangements are also subject to, and have the benefit of, these feed-in terms and conditions.

Feed-in Terms & Conditions (NSW) – 17 March 2015 (PDF 127kB)

Feed-in Terms & Conditions (QLD) – 1 November 2016 (PDF 119kB)

Feed-in Terms & Conditions (Victoria) – 5 March 2015 (PDF 127kB)

Feed-in Tariff Rate Card

Powershop's current rates for energy purchases from solar panel installations are set out in the rate cards below.

Feed-in Tariff Rate Card (NSW) – 1 March 2016 (PDF 154kB)

Feed-in Tariff Rate Card (QLD) – 8 December 2016 (PDF 42kB)

Feed-in Tariff Rate Card (VIC) – 1 March 2016 (PDF 157kB)

Standard Retail Contract Customer Terms & Conditions

The Standard Retail Contract applies only to a very small proportion of customers. If you have become a Powershop customer without agreeing to our usual terms and conditions this contract and these terms and conditions will probably apply to you.

Powershop Customer Terms & Conditions – Standard Retail Contract – 8 September 2014 (PDF 154kB)