Milparinka Solar installation

Milparinka supports people who have a disability to pursue lifestyles that include the same opportunities that all members of the community expect and enjoy. This funding will help Milparinka install a 22.88kW system on their Brunswick centre, saving Milparinka about $4,400 per year in power costs and reducing their CO2 emissions by almost 40,0000 kg. These ongoing savings will enable Milparinka to spend more on what really matters – their community. Projects that will be supported as a result of the savings include a sustainable food waste project and development of their communal garden that provides opportunities for people at Milparinka to have valued roles in their community and to contribute to other people’s lives.

Special thanks to the Moreland Energy Foundation Limited for connecting us with this great project.

Visit the Milparinka website.

CERES Solar installation

CERES' leadership in environmental innovation and commitment to sharing ideas about sustainability initiatives with their education and community programs is well known and admired. CERES is on a mission to achieve zero emissions and one of the key projects to help them achieve this is installing solar panels on available roof spaces at CERES in East Brunswick. The money received from Powershop customers enabled CERES to install 15kW of solar panels on the roof of their Visitor Centre helping them reduce their emissions by almost 16,000 kg of CO2 and saving them about $2,000 per year.

Visit the CERES website.

Daylesford and Creswick Neighbourhood Centres

The Daylesford and Creswick Neighbourhood Centre’s provide significant services to the Hepburn Shire and the matching 3.24kW solar systems at each centre are expected to generate most of the energy consumed on site, with 90% for Daylesford and 55% for Creswick. These savings will unlock significant funds for community activities and abate around 10 tonnes of carbon annually, contributing to the Shire’s mission to achieve zero-net energy by 2025.

These two installations are a collaboration with Hepburn Wind and regional solar bulk buy program More Australian Solar Homes (MASH).

Visit the Our Neighbourhood website.

Visit the Our Hepburn Wind website.

Visit the MASH website.

Farnham Street Neighbourhood House

Farnham Street is an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation that has been delivering adult education and social support programs to the local population since 1979. It predominantly serves people from across the Flemington and Moonee Valley municipalities and caters for a diverse range of community members, including those from different age and cultural groups, and people with varying English proficiency and learning abilities. The installation of this solar 7.56kWh PV system will offset approximately 10,176kWh of electricity each year, and save the organisation around $1800 each year. Farnham Street is seen as a model of sustainability in the local area, with a community garden, water tanks, compost bins and a fruit forest.

The addition of solar panels will add to the commitment that Farnham Street has made to be a leader in the field of environmental protection.

Visit the Farnham Street Neighbourhood House website.

Multicultural Aged Care Services Geelong

MACS is a not-for-profit multicultural aged care services provider in Geelong, Victoria. MACS wants all of their residents to flourish, in wellbeing, in health, and in life. MACS was established in 1994 and offers multiple services including an 86-bed residential care facility, a 10-bed dementia unit, a 60-bed supported residential facility and 8 independent living units for culturally and linguistically diverse individuals without access to ‘secure housing’. The installation of a 149kW solar system at MACS is part of GSGs community owned renewable energy project and will help reduce MACS electricity bills by 24%.

Powershop’s contribution will enable GSG to continue its work using the community investment model to raise additional funds for the MACS solar installation and coordinating the installation of the solar system for MACS.

Visit the MACS website.

Natimuk Showgrounds

Natimuk Community Energy was formed to help realise the goal of 100% renewable energy for the region by 2030. The installation of the solar PV system at the Natimuk Showgrounds will help bring community awareness and engagement to renewable energy and Natimuk's goal.

The Natimuk Showgrounds hosts community and sporting events that serve a vital role in the community by creating an opportunity for social gathering, a shared purpose and a sense of pride and identity for the town. The Natimuk Showgrounds also hosted the Community Energy Forum in March 2017. In addition, the Natimuk Showgrounds is the emergency mustering location for the town and was a hive of activity during the 2011 floods.

Installing solar on the Showgrounds facility will have an approximate annual cost saving of $1,700 and offset approximately 13.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The savings from installing the solar PV system will be used to fund additional upgrades to the facilities at the Natimuk Showgrounds enabling greater community engagement and events.

Visit the Natimuk Community Energy website.

Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc

Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc has been servicing the Hobson’s Bay community for over 42 years. One of two community houses, the Joan Kirner Centre has nearly a 100 members, 22 staff, 22 volunteers, nearly 200 students, 100 children in child care, providing a wide range of educational programs and recreational opportunities to the community, from counselling services, exercise, yoga and meditation to acting, language and music programs for all ages, cultures and interests. The 11kW solar system will supply over 33% of the centre's energy needs and save nearly $3,000 per year. These funds can go directly back into services and programs for the community. In addition this installation contributed to the goals of the Hobsons Bay City Council Environmental Engagement and Community Greenhouse Strategy.

Visit the Williamstown Community and Education Centre website.

Foundation House

Foundation House provides services to advance the health, wellbeing and human rights of people of refugee backgrounds in Victoria who have experienced torture or other traumatic events in their country of origin or while fleeing those countries.

This funding will help Foundation House install a 63kW system on their head office in Brunswick. The system is estimated to save Foundation House around $13,050 per year as well as reducing their CO2 emissions. These savings will enable Foundation House to spend more of their money on what really matters – the communities they support across Victoria. With offices in Dallas, Dandenong, Ringwood and Sunshine this project will make a real impact by providing additional resources to support client recovery.

Special thanks to the Moreland Energy Foundation for connecting us with this great project.

Visit the Foundation House website.

Castlemaine Childcare Centre solar installation

Photo Credit: Richard Baxter

Castlemaine Childcare Co-operative are a not-for-profit community co-operative situated in the heart of Castlemaine. They have been providing accredited, quality child care since they were founded by a group of parents in 1982. The centre is hugely popular with 120 children enrolled, with a waiting list of around the same number. They are committed to sustainability and lessening their impact on the environment and by installing a 10.73kW solar system they will be able to reduce their electricity costs by an estimated 50%. This will enable them to direct the savings towards providing excellence in early childhood education rather than power bills.

Special thanks to The Hub Foundation, organisers of the MASH community solar bulk-buy, for connecting us with this great project.

Visit the story on the MASH website.

Daylesford Lake micro hydro project

Hepburn Wind aims to refurbish an antique micro hydro station at Lake Daylesford operated early last century, powering lights and buildings around the iconic lake. They plan to refurbish the existing antique shell of the generator and install a new turbine inside or a similar modern unit beside it to produce clean electricity for the local community once again. The project aims to generate around 12kW dependent on water and grid constraints.

Visit the Hepburn Wind website.

Manna Gum Community Shop and Lounge

Manna Gum is a not-for-profit organisation located in the township of Foster, Victoria that delivers a range of services including emergency relief, education, access to government services and social inclusion programs. The solar installation will reduce their overheads and model a sustainable business practice. The 5kW solar system on the community shop and Lounge will supply over 75% of the energy needs and save around $1,000 per year. These funds can go directly back into services and programs for the community. It will also provide educational opportunities for the community to see a renewable energy system in practice.

Visit the Manna Gum Community House website.

Araluen Centre

Araluen Centre is one of the biggest support services for adults with intellectual disabilities in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. The staff of 100 alongside more than 40 volunteers aim to inspire, empower and support people to have great lives and they do so by delivering around 100 programs and support activities including IT, literacy, vocational training, life skills, socialisation and a thriving arts program. The 20kW solar system will supply nearly 40% of the centre’s energy needs and save nearly $4,000 per year. These funds will free up already limited resources that can be reinvested to both improve current programs and develop new programs that support people with disabilities to ultimately have a better life and help them integrate into our local community.

Visit the Araluen website.

Moyola Lodge solar installation

Moyola Aged Care Inc. located in Tatura has three sites – Moyola Lodge Residential Aged Care, Moyola Gardens Retirement Village and Moyola Cottages Rental that provide a range of accommodation choices. Moyola Lodge is an accredited aged care facility where staff, management, families, friends and the community work together to make a difference to the lives of their residents. Installing a 10kW solar PV system will be of great benefit, as it will offset around 12,000 kW of electricity each year, a saving of about $2,000 per year in power costs.

Special thanks to GV Community Energy for connecting us with this great project.

Visit the GV Community Energy website.

Providing All Living Supports (PALS) solar installations

PALS provide essential accommodation, outreach, educational and social inclusion services to multiple communities in northern Victoria. The 4.6kW solar installation on the Yarrawonga Communal Living House and the 5.1kW solar installation on the Cobram Opportunity Shop will save PALS a total of nearly $3,000 a year, contributing to over 20% of both the sites energy needs. These funds can go directly back into providing accommodation options and an educational and occupational base for people with disabilities and supporting people with disabilities to develop skills to live as independently as possible.

Special thanks to GV Community Energy for connecting us with this great project.

Visit the PALS website.