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Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below relate to Powershop’s SunYield electricity offer, and apply to tenants of properties that have a Stoddart Smartboard and solar panels installed. These terms apply to your electricity consumption in addition to Powershop’s Customer Terms and Conditions.

What is SunYield®?

SunYIeld® allows renters to benefit from the solar panels on rental properties and consists of a solar system, a Stoddart Smartboard and Powershop’s integrated billing system.

To be eligible for this offer you must:

  • become a Powershop customer via this page;.
  • explicitly agree to these SunYield Customer Terms and Conditions; and
  • be renting a property that has a Stoddart Smartboard and solar panels installed.

You understand that:

  • Your bill will consist of:
    • a Daily Supply Charge;
    • a rate (c/kWh) for the amount of electricity you use from the grid (Grid Rate); and
    • a rate (c/kWh) for the amount of electricity you use from the solar panels (Solar Rate) on your roof;
  • Your feed-in tariff will be 0c/kWh;
  • Your Solar Rate will always be less than your Grid Rate;
  • Powershop may charge you for your Solar Rate by applying a fee to your Powershop account at the time of your bill. The fee will be equal to the amount of electricity used from the solar panels on your roof (in kWh) multiplied by your Solar Rate;
  • An accredited third party Metering Coordinator will send Powershop your meter data which consists of the total amount of electricity:
  1. used from the grid;
  2. exported to the grid from the solar panels;
  3. used from the solar panels; and
  4. generated by the solar panels.

Powershop will bill you based on points 1) and 3) only, and you will not receive any discount or benefit for electricity exported to the grid;

  • Your Grid Rate and Solar Rate may vary from time to time. Powershop will always give you notice if your rates change;
  • You will NOT be able to change the way your tariff is calculated while you are on Powershop’s SunYield offer;
  • Powershop may change your network tariff on your behalf. This will have no effect on your electricity rates; and
  • Your Landlord will receive payments from Powershop for electricity exported to the grid by the solar panels and for the amount you use from the solar panels on your roof.

Termination of your SunYield offer

  • If you wish to terminate your SunYield offer you can do so by sending an email to sunyield@powershop.com.au and requesting for one of Powershop’s generally available market offers.
  • If you terminate your SunYield offer and remain a Powershop customer, you will not have access to the solar panels on the roof of the property you are renting. Your meter will be moved to a gross solar configuration and you will continue to receive 0 c/kWh for electricity exported to the grid from the solar panels.
  • You can also terminate your SunYield offer by switching to another electricity retailer. You understand that you may be required to pay additional metering costs if you switch to another electricity retailer.

This offer is being conducted by Powershop in conjunction with Stoddart Group (proprietors of SunYield).
To be eligible for Powershop’s SunYield offer, you need to join Powershop via this page on or before 1 November 2021. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available through Powershop from time to time. By joining Powershop via this page, you consent to Powershop sharing your personal information with Stoddart Group. You can contact Powershop through www.powershop.com.au or by calling 1800 462 668.