Information for Tenants

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This is for you if you’re renting a house with a SunYield® solar system!

The SunYield® solar system is designed to share the solar benefits between you and your landlord. You have the option to purchase power it produces at a discounted rate through Powershop.

You can switch to another electricity retailer at any time. However, if you do switch to another electricity retailer, you will no longer have access to energy from the solar system and this will be fed into the grid.

If you sign up with Powershop, any power that you use that comes from the solar system will be charged at a lower rate on your monthly power bill (your Solar Rate). Any grid energy usage is also included on the same bill (your Grid Rate). The Solar Rate is cheaper than the Grid Rate, so using the solar is a great way to reduce your electricity costs.

Still not sure how it works?

Illustration of a house with solar panels on roof with the suns rays beaming down onto it

1. The property has a SunYield® solar system installed.

Illustration of household appliances that can be powered with solar energy

2. You MUST have your electricity account with Powershop to purchase the discounted energy generated by the solar panels.

Illustration of solar energy panels and a DC converter

3. You’ll receive a discounted electricity rate for the electricity you use that is generated from the solar system on your roof.

Illustration of the electricity power grid

4. If you chose another electricity retailer, you will not have access to energy generated from the SunYield® system.

You will not have access to the energy generated from the solar system on your roof and the discounted rate. All solar power generated by the system will be fed into the grid.
No, not unless your property requires substantial work, a new meter installation or an after-hours or same day re-connection. In these circumstances, special fees do apply and we will advise you of the cost in advance.
We’ll email your bill once a month.