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Information for Builders

Builder on a roof installing solar panels system

Powershop has partnered with Stoddart Group, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential building products.

For nearly 60 years, Stoddart Group has worked with Australia’s leading residential builders and understands the needs of builders. Powershop understands the importance of getting your building site connected to power without any unnecessary hold ups.

More recently, Powershop and Stoddart Group have developed technology to offer innovative solar solutions tailored specifically for new builds. These products can be used to market your build as a better investment and one with environmentally friendly credentials.

What are the solar solutions for new builds?

1. SolarPay® for owner-occupied properties.

SolarPay® is available for a Stoddart Group approved new build.

Owner-occupiers can have Stoddart Group install a solar system, including 6.5kW of solar panels and a 5kW inverter, free of charge during construction. If the owner-occupier is a Powershop customer, they can access discounted solar power from the system, without adding to the overall build cost of their new home.

Stoddart Group own the solar system for the first 60 months from construction completion after which period it is transferred to the owner-occupier for no additional cost.

Benefits for owner-occupiers include:

Purchase discounted power generated from their roof

Save on their electricity bill.

Free 6.5kw solar system after 60 months

Go solar with zero capital up front.

The option to purchase the system outright at any time before the 60 month term is completed.
No repayments for the solar system or lock in energy contracts for the discounted power.

2. SunYield® offer for Investment Properties

This is an innovative solar solution that allows landlords to receive payments for solar power generated by the solar panels on their rental that is used by their tenants or that is exported to the grid. If the tenant is a Powershop customer, tenants have the option to access this solar power at a discounted rate.


Potential to increase investment return

A typical 6.5kW SunYield® solar system could produce approximately $25 per week of income for homeowners, based on tenant using 35% of all solar power generated.

Green Credentials

Promote your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Innovative products

Be among the earliest builders or landlords in Australia to offer homes equipped with this energy solution.

Flexible and Transferrable

If the landlord sells their house, ownership of the SunYield® system can be easily transferred into the new homeowner’s name.