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Congratulations on your new home!

Your house has been fitted with a solar system from Stoddart Group and under the SolarPay® agreement you are eligible to sign up to Powershop’s SunYield electricity offer.

When you sign up with Powershop you’ll get access to great rates for the energy you use from the solar system and from the grid. The rate for the energy from the solar system is even cheaper than the rates you’ll get for energy from the grid, so using the solar system is a great way to save.

Why choose Powershop?

  • Access discounted solar electricity from your roof.
  • Great smartphone app and online usage tools give you close to real-time data about your usage.
  • Australia’s first and only 100% certified carbon neutral electricity retailer.
  • Join over 100,000 other Aussies who are with Australia’s greenest power company.

Joining Powershop is easy. Simply sign up online in about 5 minutes!