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When should you use your solar power?

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To truly maximise the investment in your solar PV system, one thing is a must: change some habits so you use most of your electricity during the day while your system is generating electricity.

Unless you’re still lucky enough to be receiving a premium Feed-in Tariff, you are generally better off using the electricity your system generates. This is because the energy your PV system is generating is free! The more free energy you can use, the better. If you are able to feed-in what you don’t use and make a few bucks – even better.

People often expect to reap the benefits of solar just by investing money in a solar PV system and continuing to use most of their electricity outside peak generation times. Instead, most people are generally better off using what they generate to power their homes.

Understandably, this is not a viable option for all appliances. However, doing small things like putting a timer on your dishwasher or your pool pump to get them to switch on at the right time is a great way to maximise your solar PV system and save money.

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