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What data do you need to know?

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Getting to know your data requires a tiny bit of effort, but it’s sure to benefit you. While some of our customers get really in-depth and do amazing things with the data we provide, others just choose to learn a few key things. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss.

Daily feed-in:

Knowing what you feed in on average each day can help you to identify if there is an issue with your panels, and also how your generation stacks up against your usage.

Find this in your insights, in the Solar tab on the Powershop app.

Daily usage:

Comparing what your household uses, and when, with your feed-in (what your system is generating) can help you make decisions to save money. For example, running your dishwasher when you are generating the most, instead of after dinner.

Heat map:

You should know when your panels start and stop generating for the day, on average. The heat map available on your desktop account will give you this info.

Knowing about how much you’re generating, how much you’re using and when you start and stop generating every day can help you make some really great choices to help you save on your energy bills.

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