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What’s so great about being a Powershop solar customer?

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We’re proudly solar-friendly. We offer our solar customers the same great benefits as our non-solar customers, and then some. All of our customers enjoy great rates, easy to use tools, as well as flexibility and transparency over what you pay, why and when. Plus, if you have solar you get access to insights about your solar.

Great rates

Powershop customers with solar have access to the same great rates and discounts available to all our customers, with no hidden fees or surprises.

If you’re comparing retailers, keep in mind that a super high Feed-in Tariff doesn’t guarantee a great deal. Often these high Feed-in Tariffs will be a distraction from equally high rates. Look at your energy prices as well as your Feed-in Tariff, to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Find your rates and FEED-IN TARIFF on our pricing page.


All Powershop customers have access to easy-to-use tools, but we know that solar customers need even more info to get the most out of their system. Solar customers always have information like total daily feed-in, half hourly feed-in, and a Heat Map  that reflects the impact of their solar generation at their fingertips.

You’ll need a smart meter to access all of our tools. Most people with solar already have a smart meter, but if you don’t we can help with that too.

Power from Australia’s Greener Energy Retailer.

We only sell 100% certified carbon neutral energy – at no additional fee. Thanks to our customers, we facilitate community energy projects around Australia.

Better experience all round.

Our app and online tools empower our customers to pay their bills on the go when it suits them and keep an eye on their usage. Say sayonara to shocking bills you didn’t expect and hello to a transparent energy experience.

We’re not the only ones who think we’re pretty darn solar-friendly – check out what Solar Choice had to say about us.

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