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What you need to know about your generation and usage

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A lot of people install solar to help reduce their energy bills. There are a few simple things you need to know to be able to do this. The first is understanding how much energy your system generates, and what you are using. It’s not enough to know what your system is generating on average. You also need to know how much of an impact it has against what your household is actually using. Simply put, if you are using less than you’re generating, you should be saving.

Try this:

Over the course of a week, check your Heat Map daily. Make note of:

  • When your system starts and stops generating for the day.
  • Times when your usage is high, and your generation isn’t covering it.
  • Times when your usage is low, and your generation is covering it.

Also keep a log of when you are using certain appliances, so you can match up how much they’re impacting your usage.

By using this information about your generation export and your usage you can make some simple changes that may help your generation offset even more of your usage (which means more savings). For example:

  • Put your dishwasher or your washing machine on a timer to run in the middle of the day, or whenever you are generating the most solar.
  • Turn off some lights in the house if you’re going to watch your favourite TV show at night.
  • Switch any electricity-sucking appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them.

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