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A couple of humble brags and a lot of great info on getting started with Powershop if you have solar or you’re thinking about it.

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Follow these steps to go solar with Powershop:

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Your Neighbourhood Solar is a Powerpack, available to most of our customers once or twice per year. More than that, it’s your chance to support those in your neighbourhood who have solar installed and are exporting that energy to the grid. When you buy this Powerpack, a 4.4c/kWh (incl. GST) premium gets redistributed to Powershop solar customers with a smart meter and on a standard Feed-in Tariff in your distribution area.

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Powershop can help take the stress out of looking for a reliable solar installer. We’ve handpicked a panel of solar installers to participate in our Solar Advisory Service, Better Solar. We have chosen installers with the best reputations, quality products, great warranties and share our belief in customer care - even after the install is done.

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A lot of people install solar to help reduce their energy bills. There are a few simple things you need to know to be able to do this. The first is understanding how much energy your system generates, and what you are using. It’s not enough to know what your system is generating on average. You also need to know how much of an impact it has against what your household is actually using. Simply put, if you are using less than you’re generating, you should be saving.

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We’re proudly solar-friendly. We offer our solar customers the same great benefits as our non-solar customers, and then some. All of our customers enjoy great rates, easy to use tools, as well as flexibility and transparency over what you pay, why and when. Plus, if you have solar you get access to insights about your solar.

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