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What different PV systems are available?

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There are a number of options available for you to choose how you would like your system to be connected to the grid.


An On-Grid system is the most common residential solar PV system and does not require a home battery. These systems are connected to the public electricity grid, and any excess energy you generate will be exported to the grid in exchange for a Feed-in Tariff.


An Off-Grid system is not connected to the public grid and requires a battery to store electricity.

Though this can be a great way to save money; being self-reliant means that you must be able to generate and store enough electricity to power your home year-round, or you could be left in the dark.


A Hybrid system utilises the best of both On and Off-Grid. The ability to store and utilise more of your own energy in batteries can greatly reduce your energy bills. You are still connected to the grid though, so you have a backup source of power if you need it – and all the flexibility to boot!

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