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Interested in getting even more out of your panels?

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There are easy ways you can make the most of your solar system by reducing the energy your household consumes. Lowering your usage could also end up saving you a lot of money on energy bills. Here are some simple solutions for cutting down your energy usage (that won’t leave you in the dark).

1. Solar appliances

Independent solar-powered appliances are a great example of how small changes can make an impact on your everyday electricity consumption. We love the Soulra Solar-Powered Sound System from Eton and the SunRocket Solar Kettle.

2. Efficient lighting and Insulation

Another great way to reduce your power bills is to consider more efficient ways to light and insulate the home, such as LED light bulbs and Smart Window technology.

3. Energy Insights

Knowledge is power so the more you know about your electricity habits and usage, the more you can do to reduce it – and save money. Consider a Nest Learning Thermostat for smart temperature control or the WeMo Insight Switch by Belkin for wireless control over appliances, lighting and electronics.

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