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The benefits of a smart meter

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Having a smart meter will allow you to make the most out of Powershop and our online tools. With a smart meter, we automatically get half-hourly readings, once a day - as opposed to once every three months with a basic meter.

Solar customers with smart meters can view their consumption and export data on the Heat Map tool, and use the Daily Insights tab. Customers with basic meters don’t have access to the Heat Map or Daily Insights.

More frequent readings mean your usage graphs are accurate up to the half hour, and all of your bills are based on your actual usage, not just estimates.

If you have solar and a smart meter, you’ll get access to all your export data as well. This means you’ll have visibility over how much your system is exporting to the grid every day which can be helpful in optimising your savings.

We can arrange a smart meter installation for you. Contact us here.

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