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Have a smart meter? Want one? Not sure? Find out here!

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Having a smart meter will allow you to make the most out of Powershop and our online tools. With a smart meter, we automatically get half-hourly readings, once a day - as opposed to once every three months with a basic meter.

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Net Metering means you are paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed by your household and that is exported to the grid. Gross Metering means all of the solar energy you generate is exported straight to the grid so you are paid for the total amount you generate and export.

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A smart meter is a device that digitally measures your electricity usage, providing us with accurate half-hourly consumption readings once a day. Unlike a smart meter, readings from a basic meter must be performed manually. This is done once every three months by your distributor, but some people also choose to enter their own meter readings and feed-in data.

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