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How does solar work?

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Learn how your solar works, so you can use the sun's rays to their fullest potential.

Illustration of a house with solar panels on roof with the suns rays beaming down onto it

Photons from the sun hit your solar panels. The light, not the heat from the sun is what generates power - so a sunny winter's day can be just as good as some summer sun.

Illustration of solar energy panels and a DC converter

Your inverter takes the DC energy your panels creates, and converts it into AC energy for your home.

Illustration of household appliances that can be powered with solar energy

Use the energy you need in your home. Hint: it's generally better to use what you generate, so do the washing while the sun shines.

Illustration of the electricity power grid

Any excess power you don't use gets exported to the grid. The excess solar is registered on your bill as a credit, called a Feed-in Tariff.

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