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Solar power to the people!

Powershop has partnered with UPowr to offer our customers an easy, stress-free and innovative way to get solar.

What’s different about UPowr?

UPowr is a digital solar company working to make it easier to get solar.

Quotes and systems are designed specifically for your roof, using advanced 3D modelling that considers your roof orientation, tilt and shading. Through our partnership, UPowr is able to provide estimates on how much the system will generate and what you’re likely to save based on your past energy usage. Tailored and individualised quoting, all online and in one place.

UPowr then coordinates the entire installation process - providing digital updates, solar resources (including the labour, hardware and supporting content) and support.

What’s in it for you?

  • A no strings attached, comprehensive and tailored solar quote from UPowr, which takes advantage of their 3D modelling for your property.
    UPowr will provide an estimate of your annual savings if you install solar.
  • A greater insight into the best solar system for your property.
  • An easy installation experience taken care of with digital updates only — less calls, more solar.

Why does this matter for Powershop?

At Powershop, we want to give our customers as many opportunities as possible to explore renewable-based energy systems that benefit their hip pocket and help protect the environment.

Got some questions?

If you have any questions please get in touch by email at solaradvisory@powershop.com.au

Ready to get a tailored solar quote from UPowr?

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