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Powershop loves solar energy and rewards Australians who use solar Powershop loves solar energy and rewards Australians who use solar

Powershop loves solar energy!

Looking for a power company that loves and supports solar energy? You found one.

With Powershop, there are no hidden fees or surprises and you can rest assured that as a Powershop solar customer, you’re always on our best deal available for you.

On top of this, Powershop solar energy customers enjoy:

  1. Our smartphone app and online usage tools that can help you gain greater insights into your electricity usage.
  2. Our Solar Feed-In Tariffs are higher than the government recommended amounts.
  3. For those with smart meters, access to a heat map of your solar output through your Powershop online account, so you can know more about your solar energy systems' performance.

You’ll also be joining Australia’s greenest power company (Greenpeace - Green Electricity Guide, 2014, 2015 & 2018) and Australia’s first and only 100% carbon neutral power company, as certified against the requirements of the National Carbon Offset Standard by the Australian Government.

"One of the reasons why I've chosen Powershop is that they don't penalise me for having solar panels." Rhys T.

If you’d like to be with an energy company that loves and supports solar energy, join now.


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Does Powershop support solar?
Yes. Powershop currently supports solar in New South Wales, South East Queensland and Victoria.

Does Powershop support solar for businesses?
Yes. Give our Business team a call on 1800 728 197 to switch your business.

Can Powershop support solar customers who have basic meters?
Powershop can service customers with basic meters. Bills will be based on estimated readings in between actual quarterly meter reads from your meter. Usage estimations can be made more accurate by entering your own meter reads into the Powershop smartphone app or your online account.

How and when do customers receive feed-in rebates?
The total value of a customer’s export solar generation will appear as a credit in their Powershop account once a month and can be used to purchase power in the online shop. This will be included in the monthly Account Review and available for use once the review has been issued.

Can customers get refunded for their solar generation credits?
Generally, providing we have a verified read from a meter, solar customers can request to be refunded for the credit in their account from solar generation at any time. If the credit is more than $100 we will refund the credit into your nominated account. To apply for a refund, solar customers can call us on 1800 462 668 or email us at info@powershop.com.au.

Do customers still need to log into their Powershop account to get the Online Saver Powerpack when their account is in credit?
Yes. To receive the Online Saver discount and other specials, solar customers need to purchase sufficient Powerpacks on time to cover their monthly usage. If customers don’t purchase these Powerpacks, they will still receive the guaranteed Standard Saver discount.

Do solar customers receive different rates and discounts to non-solar customers?
No. Powershop treats all customers equally. Solar customers pay the same rates and receive the same discounts as non-solar customers. Remember, our discounts apply to the whole bill; usage and daily supply charge. To view Powershop’s prices click here.

Does Powershop support Gross Metering?
Powershop does support solar installations that are configured with a Gross Meter in NSW. Gross Metering does not apply in South East Queensland or Victoria.

What is the difference between Net and Gross solar metering?
Net Metering allows solar customers to be paid for any excess generation that has not been consumed in the household first.
Gross Metering means all of the solar generation is exported straight to the grid and solar customers are paid for all of their solar generation.

Where can I see my monthly generation?
Details of feed-in and export generation can be found on the monthly Account Review email under “Usage.” This amount is based on either a verified read from your meter, or for customers with basic meters, estimation. Powershop will also issue a credit note detailing your solar rebate amount. This credit note is available in the accounts section of your online account or smartphone app.

Can solar customers use Powershop’s online usage tools and heat maps?
Solar customers with smart meters can view their solar export on our Heat Map tools. However, while the solar installation is generating and fully powering the home the Heat Map will appear black (as usage during this time does not register on your smart meter). Heat Map functionality is currently unavailable for solar customers with basic meters.

Can solar customers with basic meters enter their own usage reads?
Yes. Customers can manually enter meter usage reads themselves.

Can solar customers with basic meters enter their own feed-in reads?
Yes. Powershop customers with basic meters can enter their own feed-in reads. Until we’ve got a verified reading for your feed-in meter we’re not able to pay you for your feed-in, and for customers who only have their meters read every few months it’s a great way to get paid for your actual feed-in, rather than us using an estimate.

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