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GreenPower Australia. Green power energy

Powershop is dedicated to sustainability and protecting our environment. One of the best things you can do to support renewable energy development in Australia is to purchase GreenPower.

Purchasing GreenPower allows you to support Australia’s renewable energy sector by displacing your electricity usage with GreenPower accredited renewable energy certificates (RECs).

You can learn more about the benefits of GreenPower on the government website greenpower.gov.au.

How do our GreenPower Powerpacks work?

At Powershop, we sell power in Powerpacks. Each Powerpack includes a premium to cover the cost of the RECs that we voluntarily surrender on your behalf.

By purchasing GreenPower you are displacing your electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has no net greenhouse gas emissions. The government-managed GreenPower Program independently audits us each year to ensure this is the case.

The great thing about purchasing GreenPower is you’re assisting GreenPower accredited generators to compete with fossil fuel generators, as the bulk of the premium you pay for GreenPower goes directly back to the GreenPower accredited generators through the REC process.

Why is buying GreenPower important?

Australia has a strong reliance on generating electricity from fossil fuels. By purchasing GreenPower you’re minimising your impact on the environment and it means additional RECs are surrendered over and above the compulsory requirements set by the Renewable Energy Target. This clearly demonstrates that there’s a demand for renewables leading to continued growth, investment and promotion of the renewable energy sector.

Not only that, but you can also feel great about investing in the future of Australia.

GreenPower for your business

When you purchase 10% or more of your business' annual electricity consumption as GreenPower, you’re eligible to use the GreenPower Customer Logo on marketing materials to promote your commitment to reducing your business’ impact on the environment. As a GreenPower customer, if you purchase 50% or more of your annual usage as GreenPower, you can list your business on the GreenPower government website and can receive a GreenPower promotional pack to promote your support of renewable energy at your premises.

You can go to the GreenPower website once you’ve purchased the required amount of GreenPower and apply to use the GreenPower Customer Logo.

How do I purchase GreenPower at Powershop?

GreenPower Powerpacks are purchased in the exact same way as any other Powerpack in the Shop. The beauty of it is you can choose as many or as few GreenPower Powerpacks as you want - the choice is yours!

Wait, what are RECs?

Without getting too technical, one REC represents one MWh (or 1000 kWh) of renewable electricity that has been generated by a 100% GreenPower accredited renewable energy source.