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Our prices are changing in NSW, QLD and SA

On this page you’ll find information about why our prices are changing, what makes up your energy prices, how we can support you if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills and more.

Why are our prices changing?

There are a bunch of factors we take into account when setting the rate we charge you for your electricity. The two greatest impacts on electricity rates are wholesale and network costs. We have reviewed our rates including to reflect changes in the underlying costs of providing energy. We’ve worked hard to make these new rates competitive.

Are my prices going up or down?

Your individual usage, distribution network and other factors will have an impact on your actual energy bills.

To see your existing and new rates, log in to your Powershop account.

Why is my solar feed-in tariff changing?

One of the benefits of investing in solar panels for your property is to helping to bring down your power bills.

There are a bunch of factors we take into account in setting the rate you receive for the solar you export to the grid. These include things like:

  • The wholesale energy price at the time of export – which has been particularly low recently, especially in the middle of the day when solar exports are likely to be at their peak. This puts downward pressure on solar feed-in rates.
  • Other costs like metering, retailing and GST, which don’t change whether energy comes from the grid or solar panels.
  • Providing competitive energy rates (usage, network and solar) for all our customers and for solar customers, rewarding them for investing in renewable energy on their home.

We’re continuing to focus on helping make your solar work better for you. If you’re not part of your state's Premium Solar Benefit Scheme (which most customers aren’t), then a great way to help bring down your power bills is to consume the electricity you generate rather than exporting, so you avoid the cost of grid electricity and use the renewable energy you’re generating instead.

The Powershop app can help you figure out when your daily generation peaks so you can take advantage of this. Doing this can also help reduce demand on the grid at critical times.

We’re also working on how we keep innovating for the future. Currently that’s designing a Virtual Power Plant offer that supports customers with solar and batteries in minimising their bills and providing maximum benefit to the grid!

Register your interest for our next Virtual Power Plant

Are you having trouble paying your bills?

If you’re having trouble paying your Powershop energy bills – for any reason – please get in touch.

We understand that times can be tough which can make it hard to keep up with your bills. If you are facing financial difficulties, we are here to help so please give us a call as soon as possible.

Visit our Payment Help page for more information