The Current Energy Market

On this page you'll find information on our commitment to customers in the current energy market, when prices are changing and why, what makes up energy prices and payment help.

Our commitment to customers

We recognise the rising cost of energy and the impacts this has had on some energy retailers. This may make some customers feel a bit uncertain – so we’re here to tell you what you can count on with Powershop.

You can count on us to be here for the long haul and continue to be your energy retailer. We’re here for our customers and we’re not going anywhere. We’re a passionate team of people pleasers with awards from the likes of Canstar Blue and Roy Morgan in customer satisfaction for this year alone.

You can count on us being transparent. We’ll always work hard to make sure our customers can make informed decisions about their energy. We commit to giving you important info (like the info about changing prices on this page) and providing you with tools to better understand and control your usage, like our app and online portal.

Finally, you can count on us to support you with your energy bills if you need it. In uncertain times if you’re having trouble paying your Powershop energy bills – for any reason – please get in touch so we can help.


Are prices changing?

Current customers

  • If you are a Powershop customer in NSW, SA or QLD and you’re signed up to our standing offer, your prices will change on 1 July 2022.
  • If you are a Powershop customer in NSW, SA or QLD and you’re signed up to our market offer, your prices will change on 7 July 2022.
  • If you are a Powershop customer in VIC, your electricity prices will change on 1 August 2022. Your gas prices will remain the same.
  • We’ll let you know about these changes before this date via email, which will include your new and existing rates, and if you’re in Victoria, the estimated dollar impact to you.

    New customers

    If you’re based in NSW, QLD or SA:

  • And you join before 16 June 2022, your electricity (and gas in NSW) prices will also change on 1 July 2022.
  • If you join on or after 16 June 2022, you will be signing up to our new market offer and will remain on those prices.
  • If you’re based in VIC:

  • And you join before 18 July 2022, your electricity prices will also change on 1 August 2022.
  • If you join on or after 18 July 2022, you will be signing up to our new market offer and will remain on those prices.
  • NOTE: Your individual usage, distribution network and other factors will have an impact on your actual energy bills.

What makes up energy prices?

The pricing in your electricity bill is impacted by all the different parts of the energy supply chain that work together to get power to your door. Below are some of the factors which make up the cost of the average energy bill:

Wholesale costs

The costs of purchasing electricity from wholesale markets.

Network costs

The costs of managing and maintaining the network of poles and wires to transfer electricity to your property.

Environmental costs

The costs of complying with important environmental initiatives, e.g. meeting the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and developing small scale solar schemes.

Retailer costs

Costs for looking after our customers, including managing customer data and billing, developing tools like the Powershop app and running our award-winning Customer Care team.

Goods and services tax (GST)

Always included in the price.


Why are our prices changing?

The two greatest impacts on energy rates are wholesale and network costs. We have reviewed our rates to reflect changes in the underlying costs of providing energy. We’ve worked hard to make these new rates competitive.


Are you having trouble paying your bills?

If you’re having trouble paying your Powershop energy bills – for any reason – please get in touch.

We understand that times can be tough which can make it hard to keep up with your bills. If you are facing financial difficulties, we are here to help so please give us a call as soon as possible.

Visit our Payment Help page on our website for more information on the support available.

How does electricity get to my property?

Here’s what it takes to get electricity to your power point.

  1. Generation

    Electricity is generated through mixture of energy generation methods, including fossil fuel power plants (coal, gas, oil) and renewable generators (wind, water, sun).

  2. Transformer

    Once generated, electricity is sent through transformers to increase the voltage so it can travel long distances across large transmission lines.

  3. National Electricity Market

    Electricity is then sent across the National Electricity Market, which is made up of around 40,000km of transmission lines and cables.

  4. Substation

    The electricity then reaches a substation and the voltage is lowered so it can be sent to smaller power lines.

  5. Distribution

    Electricity travels through this ‘network’ of distribution power lines managed by your distribution company, the voltage is lowered again, and the power arrives at your property.

  6. Meter and house

    After passing through your electricity meter so that your usage can be measured, the electricity travels through your property’s wiring to power your power points and appliances.

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