Our partners

Powershop is always seeking out like-minded groups and organisations to work alongside who embody our energy, are working towards positive changes in our communities, or those who are just generally awesome. This page highlights just a few of the groups that we proudly work with.


GetUp! is an independent movement working to build a progressive Australia and encouraging participation in important issues. With one key issue being the environment and energy choices, Powershop is proud to be working with GetUp! to help Australians make informed decisions about where their electricity comes from.

If we are given a reasonable alternative to polluting companies, then we have a responsibility to make the change if we truly care for our environment.

MICHAEL COHEN, NSW GetUp! Member and Powershop customer


Oxfam is a leading international development agency that mobilises the power of people against poverty. With climate change being one of the biggest threats to ending global hunger, Oxfam works in places like Timor-Leste to help people diversify their crops, and in Bangladesh to help communities better prepare for disasters.

We’ve chosen to partner together because, like us, Oxfam is focused on becoming part of the solution to the problem of climate change. Funds raised through this partnership will go towards Oxfam’s life-saving work around the world, helping vulnerable communities adapt to the impact of climate change and prepare for disasters.

Partnering with Powershop just made sense to us — it’s a great way for an everyday action, like turning on a light bulb, to have a bigger meaning. I’ve seen how devastating climate change can be — especially for our neighbours in the Pacific, like Vanuatu and Fiji. Oxfam is working with vulnerable communities around the world to deal with the impacts of climate change. We urge you to join us and help Oxfam help others.



Fonzarelli would have to be Australia’s favourite electric scooter. These awesome scooters were born because the team at Fonzarelli believe in 100% emission-free personal transport. Powershop is passionate about emerging technologies such as electric vehicles and we love showing off our Fonzarelli scooter that gets us cleanly from A to B.

We chose Powershop as a partner because we’re on the same page when it comes to finding innovative solutions. Not only that, but we use Powershop’s office as a base in Melbourne for people to test drive Fonzarellis from. We’d love for you to visit us there!


Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most significant screen event in Australia. An iconic Melbourne event, the festival takes place annually in the heart of the city and we’re proud to partner with MIFF in supporting local film and being a part of an event that is a cultural icon in Melbourne. [Plus, Powershop staff love any excuse for popcorn and a good movie].

North Melbourne Football Club

We feel the North Melbourne Football Club really embodies Powershop’s energetic and competitive nature. We simply like the way North Melbourne operates, both on and off the field. The club’s principles are strong, which is evident in their stance on accepting no pokies revenue and we’re proud to be the official support of North’s members for the second year in a row.

Pollinate Energy

Pollinate Energy, founded by a group of young Australian entrepreneurs, work within India’s urban poor communities to help families access solar lighting instead of toxic kerosene, the leading cause of death to women and children in India. Like Powershop they believe in offering a cost effective, clean energy solution to their customers.

Fantastic initiative by Pollinate and Powershop. It’s great to get on board with a power company that has a social awareness and is doing something to help reduce emissions and lift the standard of living for those less fortunate. Almost makes you glad to pay the bill every month.