Hepburn Wind Business

For a long time we have admired the incredible work that Hepburn Wind have done and that’s why we’re thrilled to support them in their quest to transition the Hepburn Shire to zero-net emissions.

Did you know that electricity generation is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and businesses play a big part?

Crazy right? You can start having a positive impact on the environment by making one simple change… switching your energy to Powershop.

Why switch to Powershop?

  • We’ve been ranked Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace for three years running.
  • We are backed by Meridian Energy, Australasia’s largest generator of renewable energy with no investment in fossil fuels.
  • We’re Australia’s first and only 100% certified carbon neutral electricity retailer.
  • You will get personal service with your own dedicated account manager.
How about knowing that when you switch your electricity to Powershop via this page we will make a financial contribution to Hepburn Wind, enabling them to continue their awesome work in greening the Hepburn community.
Hepburn Wind is Australia’s first community owned wind farm, who pioneered the community energy movement in Australia. Together with Powershop who have been ranked Australia’s greenest power company for three years running you have the opportunity to help the environment and your wallet, by switching your electricity to the Hepburn Wind offer with Powershop. See our Energy Price Fact sheet and rates here.

Basic Plan Information Documents are available at www.powershop.com.au/basic-plan-information