Powershop have partnered with Chargefox to offer Chargefox users $100 off their electricity bill when they switch their household electricity.

We’ve also launched a super off-peak tariff specifically for EV drivers, allowing customers to cost-effectively charge their electric vehicles overnight between the hours of 12am and 4am on weekdays. You can read more about this tariff and how to get connected here.

We hope the launch of our super off-peak tariff and our partnership with Chargefox will support the growth of EVs, encouraging Powershoppers to charge up instead of filling up.

Who are we?

Just hearing about Powershop for the first time? Well hey you! Here are some big ticket reasons why you should make the switch to a better power company:

We’re the greenest, and we like it

We’ve even been recognised as Australia’s greenest power company for three years running by Greenpeace. Read more

We make home and business energy 100% carbon neutral

We offset all carbon emissions associated with your energy usage and we don’t charge you for it – making you as neutral as Switzerland. Read more

We love renewable generation

We have renewable assets in Victoria, NSW and South Australia and renewable power purchase agreements. Read more

We help you get the most from your solar

Our app and desktop site have intuitive tools to provide awesome details on your solar generation. Read more

We’re about convenience and savings

You can keep tabs on your energy usage, pay your bill and refer friends for discounts all in one handy app. Read more

Basic Plan Information Documents are available at

If you’re in Victoria, find your rates here: