Powershop is supporting CERES to achieve zero net emissions and now you can too!

A local Melburnian like us, CERES is a leader in sustainability and remains at the forefront of green technology. We like to think that together we have a lot in common and that’s why we’ve been big fans of CERES for a long time.

We’re chuffed that as a Powershop customer, all of the CERES Community Environment Park electricity usage is certified carbon neutral (Did you know your electricity usage can be certified carbon neutral too? Find out more).

And now we’re thrilled to be supporting their goal to achieve zero net emissions.

One of the key projects Powershop is supporting is CERES’ installation of solar panels on available roof spaces at the CERES Community Environment Park. These solar panels are the first step towards reaching 40% renewable energy by 2020 and to do this they need your help!

Why should you support CERES?

CERES play an important role in ‘greening our community’. Not only do they continue to implement a wide variety of sustainability initiatives onsite, they are also committed to sharing ideas about how you can do the same at home, with their education and community programs.

More importantly, how can you support CERES?

Supporting CERES is easy – all you need to do is switch your energy to Powershop via this page, it takes about 5 minutes and for every person who switches their energy to Powershop, we will provide a financial contribution towards the CERES solar panel installation project.

Basic Plan Information Documents are available at www.powershop.com.au/basic-plan-information