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Terms and conditions

You will receive a North Melbourne Football Club 2019 adult guernsey signed by the playing team and coaches and an initial discount of $50 on your Powershop account once your switch to Powershop is complete. If you are still a Powershop customer after 12 months, Powershop will apply a further discount of $50 to yourPowershop account.

To receive the North Melbourne signed guernsey and the initial $50 discount you must be one of the first 50 customers to sign up to Powershop before 30 June 2019. Powershop will send your signed guernsey to the address listed on your Powershop account once you have become a Powershop customer. After you have completed your 12th month as a Powershop customer, Powershopwill apply another $50 discount to your account. Each $50 discount can only be used to pay your Powershop account and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. Each $50 discount is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available through Powershop from time to time.

If you cancel your Powershop subscription within the first 3 months, Powershop reserves the right to charge you the full retail price of the guernsey as set by the North Melbourne Football Club.

You can contact Powershop through www.powershop.com.au or by calling 1800 462 668.