Powershop x Museums Victoria

Harvest the power of wind energy with your own wind turbine windwheel!

Join us in transforming the unique space at Melbourne Museum into a mini wind farm while you learn about all things renewable energy and how we can create a sustainable future. Visit Melbourne Museum and get a chance to build your own wind turbine windwheel and, together with other guests over the weeks, create what will be the world’s largest pinwheel installation.

If the windwheels installed were real life wind turbines they would generate energy. The ticker below is a representation of how much energy the windwheels have the power to create in they were real life wind turbines. Help us reach our target by making your own windwheel at the Melbourne Museum

Total 'energy' all windwheels could generate

Together we can create a sustainable future

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What is a Wind Farm?

Wind farms are simply areas of land dedicated to generating energy using wind turbines. Groups of individual wind turbines are connected to the electricity grid. The land between the turbines is sometimes used for agricultural purposes too. A large-scale wind farm might have hundreds of wind turbines spread over hundreds of square kilometres. Powershop provided the opportunity to Over 150 Museums Victoria members to get a tour of the Mt Mercer wind farm near Ballarat. Check out the videos below to see what they learnt.

How a Windfarm Works
Ever wondered how a turbine converts wind into energy? Click play to see how.
Windfarms and the environment
How are you making a difference?

Wind you know?

  1. Wind farms don’t have to be on land. They can also be on the ocean. This is called Offshore Wind Power.
  2. Wind is always named after the direction it comes from. A breeze blowing from the south is a ‘southerly’.
  3. Wind turbines aren’t as noisy as you think!They make a whooshing sound that sounds about as loud as a refrigerator.
  4. The largest wind turbine in the world is in Hawaii. It is 220m tall, which is the equivalent of a 20 storey building with blades the length of a football field!

A bit about Powershop

  • We were established in Australia in 2014 as the retail business of Meridian Energy Australia, launched to turn the energy industry on its head – putting customers’ needs and experiences first by giving customers control of their energy, so they can save more and make a difference.
  • Powershop is the only energy retailer to be certified 100% carbon neutral against the National Carbon Offset Standard, and has been ranked by Greenpeace as the greenest power company in Australia for three years running.
  • Powershop has partnered with Museums Victoria as part of ongoing efforts to work towards a sustainable future.

Powershop’s Wind Farms

  • Powershop is backed by a 100 per cent renewable energy company Meridian Energy, which operates the Mt Mercer and Mt Millar Wind Farms.
  • Mt Mercer produces enough energy to power the entire Ballarat population – that’s around 80,000 households.
  • Mt Millar can generate up to 70 MW of electricity – enough to power around 36,000 households.

Built your own windwheel? Great! You can also be one of five to pick a name for a real-life turbine!

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Basic Plan Information Documents are available at www.powershop.com.au/basic-plan-information

If you’re in Victoria, find your rates here: www.powershop.com.au/vefs