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Moving house? Take us with you Moving house? Take us with you

New customers

If you're moving and looking to switch to Powershop, all you need to do is complete our online sign-up form.

We'll ask you to tell us your move in date so we know when to connect your power and then all you have to do is complete the form. We’ll take care of the rest.

Already a Powershop customer?

If you're already a Powershop customer and you're moving soon, log into your online account, head to 'Settings' and then 'Address Details'.

Select the 'Add another property' button and follow the prompts. Then send us an email with the date you’d like your current power disconnected.

Make sure you get in touch at least a few days before you’re set to move, so we can make sure you’re connected as soon as you move in.

And if you’d prefer to do either of the above over the phone instead, give us a ring between 8am - 7pm Monday to Friday.

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