More powerful together

Some things go better together – Vegemite on toast, summer and beaches, movies and popcorn. So why not electricity and gas? At Powershop we’re now offering 100% carbon offset gas at no extra cost to you!

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Why switch your gas?

100% carbon neutral

We offer 100% carbon neutral gas to all of our customers (at no extra cost). So by switching over your gas you're also helping drive carbon reducing initiatives here and around the world.

Manage and track your usage

Enjoy the same insights as you currently do with your Powershop app – manage your account, track your usage, purchase Powerpacks, and get your mates to sign up and you both get $75 off your account.

Power up and save

Save more cash off your gas with our Gas Saver Powerpack. Not only do you save off your Gas Auto Pay rates, you can also buy as much or as little as you want, any time you want.

We’re people pleasers

We love our customers and the feeling is mutual. We've been awarded Canstar Blue's Most Satisfied Customers - Energy Providers VIC, three years running.

How to add 100% carbon neutral gas

Step 1: Log into your account

So simple! Log into your account and select the blue "+ add gas to this property".

Step 2: Add gas to your property

Lastly, fill out the form and you're good to go! You're done in less than 5 minutes.

You got Q's we got A's

There’s a few good reasons:

1. Our customers have been asking us to for a very long time (fact share: it’s the most searched term on our website). 80% of our Victorian customers told us they’d love us to have gas and they would add gas if we had it. We field calls about gas all the time and we know Victorians are looking for a better company for their gas as well as their electricity.

2. Gas is not the most environmentally-friendly fuel source. We are not encouraging the uptake of gas. But we acknowledge gas is a reality in many Victorian homes that can’t necessarily move away from it (however, if you want advice on how to transition your home or business off gas, stay tuned). We take our role in protecting the planet seriously, that’s why we’re choosing to 100% carbon offset our customers’ gas usage. Just as we do with our customers' electricity usage. All at no extra cost to our customers. It’s something we can do to help the planet. It’s not perfect, but it’s the right start. Watch this video to see how we offset electricity and why.

3. We have big goals. We want to move more Australians onto carbon neutral power (at Powershop it’s all done at no extra cost to customers and there’s no opt-in or other barriers). Offering gas in Victoria will help us grow our business. Furthermore, the more we grow, the more we can do for renewable energy in Australia (read about our group’s new hydro power assets and recent power purchase agreements, which we’ve added to our portfolio of two wind farms). We have always stated that we will generate more renewable energy than our customers require. As our customer base grows, this means we need to go out into the market and either build more renewable assets or support renewable energy projects being undertaken by others. Retailing gas allows us to grow our customer base, which in turns allows us to invest in Australia’s renewable future and continue the work we do to clean up Australia’s energy industry. We know that many Australians want to support companies doing the right thing, acting in ethical and transparent ways and protecting the planet. That is us. We’re not perfect, but we have worked very hard to improve the energy industry since we launched – we’re the only power company to be accredited 100% carbon neutral by the Australian government, we do not door knock people’s homes, we’ve actively and vocally campaigned for the RET and energy policy stability in Australia, and much more.

As with electricity, the way the gas network operates means it’s impossible to identify the source of gas we deliver to a customer’s property. Because we can’t control where our customers electricity or gas comes from, all the power we sell (gas and electricity) is, and all our operations are, 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to our customers. We’re doing gas in a way that’s better for our customers and the environment.
100% carbon neutral means we’re able to offset the carbon associated with our customer’s energy usage. This means more initiatives globally and in Australia that provide carbon offsetting. But of course, the best thing you can do for the planet is to use less energy. The Powershop App and online account allow our customers to track their usage and find ways to use less (which helps your wallet and the planet). Check out our energy efficiency tips & tricks.
Much the same as the electricity delivered to people’s homes could come from any generation source, we can’t control the source of gas. All we can control is the work we do behind the scenes to help make things clean and fair and educate customers. Powershop has always been and always will be anti-coal seam gas (just as we’re anti-coal and anti-unfair pricing). We’ve worked with the likes of GetUp and LockTheGate (among other groups) to campaign against coal seam gas and fracking. Powershop is staunchly anti-coal seam gas and fracking – we do not believe it is necessary as we have an abundance of gas available that doesn’t require fracking.