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Being a Powershop customer

As a Powershop customer, we give you all the information you need to help reduce your usage so you can save money on your bill and do better for the environment.

You can buy power anytime by logging into your account.

Shop for power!

At Powershop, you buy power in dollar amounts called Powerpacks. Head to the Shop on the mobile app or your online account and choose a Powerpack to suit your needs.

You can grab Powerpacks to cover your past, present and future usage. You can pay anytime with the Online Saver, buy in advance with the Bulk Pack for extra savings or grab the Your Community Energy pack and support community energy projects – plus more. There are heaps of ways to shop to suit you.

Online Saver

Bulk Pack

Your Community Energy Pack

Future Pack

Green Online Saver

Track your usage with our mobile app.

Track your usage

Powershop’s app and online usage tools can help you manage your electricity usage so you can use less and save more. That’s good for your hip pocket and the environment.

You’ll need a smart meter to get the most out of our usage tools. If you don’t have one, get one installed free by registering your interest here.

Get account credit by switching your mates.

Switch Your Mates

For every friend you switch to Powershop, you’ll both get a $75 power credit once your friend has switched. Some of our customers have switched so many friends they haven’t paid for power in over a year. Jump into the app and start switching friends today.

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