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Why am I seeing an error message when I try to set or change my password?

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We’ve recently tightened up our password security, which means your password now must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted by our system.

Whether you’re signing up for the first time or just updating your password details, below are some common error messages you might see when trying to set your password.

This password must be between 8 and 72 characters
Please update your password to something longer, at least 8 characters, but not more than 72.

This password is common or reused across websites
We now screen new passwords against a list of known compromised ones, and our system will automatically reject this password option if it might have previously been leaked by another website or service.
For example, using a common password such as “password” will likely cause you to get an error message! You’ll need to choose another password that is more secure.

This password must include at least 3 of the following: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a number, and a symbol.
The more complex your password is, the harder it is for someone to guess it. You’ll need to set a password that uses a combination of upper or lower case letters, numbers or symbols as above.

You can find useful tips about online security and how to keep your account safe at the Australian Government’s Cyber Security website.

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