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I rely on electricity for a medical condition. Do I need to tell you?

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Yes. If you or anyone at your property relies on a continuous supply of electricity for critical medical support such that if you were cut off it may cause serious harm or loss of life, you need to let us know.

You can let us know in the following ways:

  • email us, or call us on 1800 462 668, Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm; or
  • log in to your account. Select the ‘Settings’ section, choose ‘Vulnerability & Medical Dependency’ then ‘Medically Dependent’ and provide the required details.

Before you can be classified as a Medically Dependent Consumer (MDC) in our system, we will need to verify your eligibility for this status with your health provider. You will need to provide us with a Notice of Potential MDC Status filled in by your District Health Board, private hospital or GP.

It is important to be aware that no electricity retailer can guarantee a continuous supply of electricity. Power outages may occur at any time without warning (eg in the case of extreme weather, accidents involving power poles etc). It is your responsibility to ensure you have a backup power supply in case there is an unplanned power outage. Your GP or health provider should be able to help you implement a suitable plan.

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