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Okay, why isn’t this working? We’ve got your back, sort your troubles here.

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We’ve recently tightened up our password security, which means your password now must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted by our system.

Why am I seeing an error message when I try to set or change my password? - Read more

From 14 May, we’re changing up the name of the Account Review to be referred to as the Bill. Makes sense, hey! We’ll be working to change this across our whole platform – some areas will change a little faster than others, but rest assured we’re working on it. Here are some A’s to any Q’s you might have about this change:

‘Account Review’ to ‘Bill’, what’s changed? - Read more

Your power could be off for a few reasons — eg extreme weather, damage to a power pole or some kind of lines fault. The outage may be specific to your property, or there may be a more widespread problem in the network.

My power is off – what should I do? - Read more

Check out who to contact in your area at: powershop.com.au/contact-us

How do I find out if there are outages or faults in my area? - Read more

First things first: check the mains switch is in the ON position (it should be left in the OFF position when waiting for your power to be turned on). If you don’t know how to check, or have any problems, give us a call on 1800 462 668.

I’ve moved house and my power is off? - Read more

Yes. If you or anyone at your property relies on a continuous supply of electricity for critical medical support such that if you were cut off it may cause serious harm or loss of life, you need to let us know.

I rely on electricity for a medical condition. Do I need to tell you? - Read more

If you have old mobile devices linked to your Powershop App, you might receive duplicate push notifications. You can unlink old devices by jumping into your Powershop app, heading to Settings > Account Settings > Unlink other devices.

How can I stop duplicate push notifications from the Powershop app? - Read more

To get the best out of your online account, you need to be using a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac OS) or Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or an older version of any of the above browsers, your experience may be less than perfect.

Why did I get an error message telling me to ‘update my browser’ when I logged into my account? - Read more

To use the Powershop app, you’ll need an iPhone using iOS 10 (or above) or an Android phone using 4.0.3 (or above) with a screen quality of 470dp x 320dp.

Why is my Powershop app telling me that I need to update it? - Read more

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