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Get the know-how, right now. Track your usage and take control – the power is yours!

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Want to understand whats happening with your power usage? This video explains how to get the most from your usage insights in the Powershop app to get in control of your power usage!

Power Pointers – understand your power usage - Watch video

We have a few nifty tools to help you keep an eye on how much power you’re using and understand when you typically use the most, so you’ll have the power to use less and save more.

How do I track my power usage? - Read more

To keep life simple, we’ll combine some of the data for all your properties and keep some of it apart.

How do I track my usage if I have more than one property? - Read more

If you have a smart meter your current usage is based on your average usage from the last three days.

How do you estimate my current usage? - Read more

Our online tools and mobile app allow you to track your electricity use, and one of the best ways to save on your bill is to reduce your usage.

What can I do to reduce my power usage? - Read more

We’re always working hard to make Powershop the best customer experience possible and that means regularly implementing small updates and enhancements to your online account and the mobile app. This is a spot where you can read about our recent updates.

What’s new! - Read more

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